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Managed Services

Managed Services

Since 1968, ICT has been committed to providing the highest quality digital imaging products and services to our customers. The Sharp products we offer today have the highest ratings in the industry and have won numerous awards, including the Copier Product Line of the Year award from Buyers Laboratory.

Along with our copiers we offer value added services to our customers by assigning a team of experts to every account. Using our seven step process and business review we are able understand a company’s business and make digital imaging recommendations that will improve document workflow and user satisfaction while positively impacting their bottom line. This process consists of the following:

1. Site Survey/Free print analysis:

We at ICT will conduct, at our own expense, on-site surveys of all your copiers and printers. Our analysts will visit and view your company’s output technology stations (copiers, MFPs printers, fax, etc.). We will gather data on your workflow processes, routine applications for these devices, volumes, and related operating costs. By collecting this data we will be able to provide you with document management suggestions and decision support with the objective of decreasing your overall cost while increasing efficiency and optimizing your utilization of copy and print technologies. Furthermore, we will provide you with assistance in planning and enacting specific methods for proceeding toward your objectives for integrated document technology.

We offer objective innovation and expert advice adding value to our business relationship and fulfilling our promise of helping you improve your document imaging systems; simultaneously increasing productivity and cutting costs. Our recommendations include redeployment of current equipment and installation of cost effective multi-function printers (MFP’s) where necessary. Our survey’s findings are treated as proprietary information and are held in the strictest confidence by both parties. The results will facilitate:

  • Reduction in overall number of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) output devices, printers, copiers, and MFP’s
  • Reduction in maintenance expenses
  • Vast reduction in the quantity of unnecessary or redundant copies
  • The introduction of Sharp “digital on-ramp” technology that eliminates paper waste, promotes workflow efficiency, and capitalizes on existing investments in document repositories and document management systems

In addition, ICT will propose implementing and providing:

  • State of the art reliable and easy to use Sharp copiers and printers
  • Cutting edge software to increase productivity
  • Timely replacement of defective equipment
  • One point of contact with backup
  • Extensive reporting on and tracking of equipment
  • A minimum of 98 percent up-time
  • An aggressive preventative maintenance schedule to ensure premium up-time
  • Unlimited training for an limitless number of users throughout the term of the contract
  • Tracking of supply usage to prevent down-time
  • A straightforward process for supply acquisition
  • Accurate and timely invoicing with lease options
  • A mutually satisfying resolution process for any invoice discrepancies

2. Consultant Sales Approach

All ICT Account Representatives must attend the Sharp Academy and pass extensive testing before making sales calls to guarantee a dynamic and comprehensive knowledge of our product line and market. They must understand the numerous features and benefits of our Sharp products. This includes learning the benefits of utilizing Sharp’s Open System Architecture (OSA): a Lenox based MFP process that allows for the development and implementation of third party applications. There are hundreds of applications available for the Sharp MFP product lines to supplement virtually every industry; new apps are developed and released regularly. In addition they must demonstrate Sharp Scan 2, Sharp Desk, and OCR proficiency.

3. Order Processing

Once our customer’s needs are discovered and their desired machines are identified, we begin processing their orders. Upon receipt of an order, our ICT team meets with the customer to ensure a smooth transition, replacing existing equipment or installing new units. When we handle replacements, we ensure that your users experience no down time. The delivery of equipment takes place within 1 to 7 days of our receipt of the order. Our Account Representative will confirm that the site is prepared for delivery: they will confirm that the power source, space requirements, network requirements, and all other installation requirements are met. Upon confirmation, ICT will contact the end user to schedule the date and time of delivery, installation, and training. At ICT, we use our own trucks to provide punctual and safe deliveries.

4. Installation

One of our many factory certified copier technicians performs installations. If the unit is to be connected to our customer’s information network, one of our network specialists will be there to help with the installation.

5. Training

Training begins immediately after installation by a certified trainer or Account Representative. They are certified to instruct in all aspects of copying, printing, scanning, and are able to demonstrate all of the product’s numerous features and capabilities. Training includes electronic submission of print jobs from a desktop and scanning and printing for connected equipment. Customers can request additional training for new employees, for refresher courses, for clarifying sessions, or for any other reason: it is provided at no cost.

6. Quality Maintenance for Sharp Copiers/MFP

Along with the superior quality of our copier products, service is ICT’s greatest strength. Calling our toll free number can place all service requests: (877) 246-4849. The provided service number puts customers in touch with our diagnostic service center where thoroughly trained and certified technicians are there to answer the call. Our diagnostic service technicians are the best and most experienced in the industry. At ICT, we require that our technicians spend a minimum of 7 years in the field repairing copiers and MFPs. They are continually trained and tested and must remain in the highest 90th percentile of aptitude to qualify for work in our diagnostic service center. Due to their knowledge and experience, over 25% of our copier service calls are resolved over the telephone. If a customer is unable or unwilling to resolve a malfunction over the telephone, a certified ICT technician will be dispatched immediately.

All ICT technicians carry the recommended spare parts to our machines in order to repair equipment when responding to the initial service call. In the event that a required part is not immediately available, it will be supplied by our local warehouse or sent overnight so the machine can be made operational once again the next morning. In the unlikely event that a copier cannot be repaired we will replace it no later than the next business day.

We believe that relationships are of the utmost importance; we go to great lengths to maintain strong positive relationships with our customers by providing them with stellar products, service, and support. In accordance with this philosophy, ICT assigns our technicians to specific accounts and locations. Our technicians develop a relationship with our customers and are responsible for keeping them satisfied. By using the same technicians, we are able to track their performance and the satisfaction of our customers. We are proud to report that many of our ICT technicians have been with the organization for many years. Our employees are compensated well and we experience virtually zero turnover in our service department. ICT tracks all its MFP products from their manufacture dates until the date they are removed from use. This enables our Service Department to track the reliability of each component of a copier/MFP and schedule preventative maintenance before problems occur. This tracking process is performed by our diagnostic center. When a service call is placed, the following information is recorded and updated:

  • Time of the copier call
  • Copier serial number
  • Name of the Key Operator
  • Copier location
  • On-site arrival time of the technician
  • Amount of time required to repair the copier
Based on the information gathered our Sharp machines notify their users when to call for preventative maintenance.

7. Life Long Relationship

We pledge to our customers uncompromising integrity and effective service while offering the highest quality copy machines and digital imaging services. It is our top priority to keep our customers satisfied. We employ a diverse team of energetic, result-oriented employees who possess the talent and skill necessary to maintain ICT as the market leader in MFP sales and customer service. Many of our customers have been with us since our entry into the copying business. After a sale is made we continue to follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction. ICT requires our sales representatives to contact our customers at least once a month by telephone and visit each copier user at least once a quarter. At ICT, customer satisfaction is our number one goal and is actively pursued and achieved.